Technical Requirements.


• Processor: A Pentium processor that operates at 300 MHz or higher
• Memory: 128 MB of RAM (random access memory).
• Disk Drive: CD-ROM, DVD or Flash Drive to download course materials and save information.
• Modem: A modem with a baud rate of at least 56 K. Internet service provider to connect your modem. You may use dial-up, cable, or DSL internet access. High-speed internet access will allow you to download information more quickly, and might help to take a lot of frustration out of using the internet.
Sound Card and Speakers: A sound card and speakers installed on your computer to hear sound clips on audio and video files.
• Printer: An inkjet or laser printer to print out some of your course materials.


• Operating System: Windows Vista – Windows 10. If you are using Macintosh, you will need System 8.1 or higher.
• Word Processor: Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or AppleWorks.
• Email Account: An email account to send and receive emails daily.
• Plug-Ins: Plug-ins are bits of software that allow you to see, hear, or manipulate an image such as video and audio clips. Click the link below for free plug-ins downloads from the internet.

Web Browser Compatibility:

• Internet Explorer
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox