Ameritrain Terms of Service

General Overview

Ameritrain uses a Training, Development, Resources (TDR) approach for a "real-world," affordable, support-based training system. We are an approved mortgage education course provider with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) - ID# 1400015. Our methods of delivery are state of the art and utilize the most current methods of training and instruction in mortgage education and professional development including:

Instructor-led online e-Learning

Self-paced online e-Learning

Live classes (Public and Private)

Online and live webinar formats (Public and Private)

For additional information about our operation, send an email via our Contact Us page or call a support specialist at 1-877-406-0333.

Online Overview

Online courses are in instructor-led, self-paced, and webinar formats. Courses are designed to meet national and state requirements and professional development mortgage education criteria. Depending on national and state-specific guidelines, online courses may be timed with user authentication.

Our online courses are delivered through the Ameritrain Learning Management System (ALMS), a customized e-learning platform for training through multiple media formats. The system utilizes Vsecure, a time and authentication verification system designed to meet both nationwide and state regulatory requirements for the delivery of online pre-license and continuing-education courses.

Online NMLS Instructor-Led

NMLS requires very specific functionality for Instructor-Led Online Courses. These courses must have a specified start and end date. The student must participate in a virtual classroom and meet the time verification and authentication requirements. Students must enter the course within the first three days of it becoming available or wait until the next available start date. NMLS does not allow a self-paced format for pre-license courses. An instructor must manage all online pre-license course formats.

If a student fails to complete a 20-hour online SAFE course during the allotted time, there will be a complementary reschedule to a following available class of the student's choice. This option must be exercised within six months of the course expiry date or by the end of the calendar year, whichever comes first. If the student fails to complete the course on the second registration, there will be a 50% tuition charge for the third attempt. The fourth and any further attempts will require tuition to be paid in full. Retakes cannot be transferred to another student.

Live and Webinar classes: Class registration must be completed by the fourth business day before a scheduled class. All cancellations are charged a processing fee of 10% unless Ameritrain conducts the cancellation. Students may cancel a paid registration for a class up to seven business days before a scheduled class for a full refund, subject to the processing fee. Cancellations after the full refund period and before the scheduled class begins will result in a credit toward a future class. No refunds are given for cancellations or no-shows after the course has started.

Online NMLS Self-Study

NMLS allows a self-study format for continuing education courses. Students must meet the minimum time and content requirements; however, there is no specified minimum time to finish the class. An instructor is not required to manage the course. Students should be aware of their state(s) requirements for continuing education deadlines for license renewal. Ameritrain also provides state-required broker education training under this format.

Online Self-Paced

Ameritrain provides an online, self-paced format for non-regulated national and state exam preparation and professional development mortgage training. This course format offers substantial flexibility for students.

NMLS Online/Live Webinar

Ameritrain provides NMLS-approved courses via webinar or webcast formats for national and state-specific courses. These courses can also be made for use by private clients. These formats include instructor-to-student(s) or instructor-to-group with real-time facilitation. The NMLS requires active participation by students during instructional periods. Webinar and webcast formats are ideal for in-house Ameritrain-certified instructors providing training to company personnel.

Live Classes

Ameritrain’s live classroom training is delivered at our training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, and various other venues throughout the United States. Live classes utilize Ameritrain-certified Instructors with substantial mortgage industry experience. Our classes include a comprehensive course manual delivered in a highly participatory environment. Participants can expect to receive complimentary post-course online support, including multiple practice examinations after each course is completed.

Private Class Policy

Ameritrain provides private classes for the benefit of its clients. Private events include an Ameritrain-certified instructor and course materials, with the host (client) providing the facility. Private classes require special arrangements for scheduling, travel, and accommodations. To ensure the highest level of client service, Ameritrain requires a minimum tuition for each event. The minimum tuition becomes due when the event is scheduled and confirmed. Any additional tuition is due no later than 7 days before the event.


Ameritrain has developed a series of tests to prepare students for national and state pre-license mortgage loan originator exams. Our live classroom testing format includes in-class participatory quizzes and an exam simulation test structure for NMLS national and state components. Online test formats are delivered within the ALMS platform and include questions randomly selected from a pool of hundreds of questions. Grading is instantaneous upon completion, providing correct answers with comments to assist with students’ transfer of learning.

Questions are organized into categories by main test outline topics. Students can receive specific grading feedback that provides an opportunity to immediately analyze competency levels in each subject area (i.e., Federal, MLO Knowledge, General Mortgage Knowledge, Ethics). If students fail an online test, they can retake it as often as required to pass. Many Ameritrain pre-license and exam preparation courses include limited tests to complement the course. Additional tests are available for online purchase.


All online store purchases are downloaded or shipped generally within 48 hours of placing an order. Shipped items are charged based on size, weight, and delivery method. Shipping charges will be identified when the order is processed.


All course enrollments require prepayment. Payments may be made online or through the assistance of Ameritrain Enrollment Advisors. Payments made by check must be received 5 days before the event.


Products: Any unopened product may be returned for a full refund within 10 days of receipt. If an item is damaged in shipping, it may be returned for exchange at no cost to the purchaser.

Online courses: No refunds are available for online classes once they have been entered or beyond 30 days of purchase. Students may receive credit towards another course or product.

Private events: The cancellation fee for private classes is 50 percent of the minimum tuition. There is no refund within 5 days of the event. All private class cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of 10 percent of the tuition received. Ameritrain, at its discretion, may choose to waive all or part of the cancellation fees when an event is rescheduled.

Live class: Class registration must be completed by the fourth business day before a scheduled class. All cancellations are charged a 10 percent processing fee unless the cancellation results from Ameritrain. Students may cancel a paid registration for a class up to seven business days before a scheduled class for a full refund, subject to the processing fee. Cancellations after the full refund period and before the scheduled class begins will result in a credit toward a future class. No refunds are given for cancellations or no-shows after the course has started.

Live class change requests will be honored at no cost for all students who contact Ameritrain three business days before the class start date. Change requests within three business days of the start date will be subject to the processing fee penalty.

Ameritrain reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment or instructor illness. If a class is canceled, the student will be contacted by email and telephone to reschedule or arrange for a refund and/or credit. Ameritrain is not responsible for any losses incurred due to course cancellation, including any late fees or charges required by any licensing or regulating authority. Cancellations as a result of weather conditions are subject to rescheduling only.

Ameritrain reserves the right not to report completion credits to NMLS if there is a pending dispute relating to the tuition payment for the course(s).

Content Disclaimers

While Ameritrain makes every attempt to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this site and in published materials, errors may occur. Ameritrain is not responsible for any damages or losses related to the content's accuracy, completeness, or timeliness.

Property Rights

Except for reference materials in the public domain, all materials on this site, including the design and organization of this website, are owned and copyrighted by Ameritrain Mortgage Institute Corporation. No reproduction or transmission of the materials at this site is permitted without the express written consent of Ameritrain. Ameritrain produces textbooks and other materials using Ameritrain-owned intelligence. Any use of Ameritrain designed products or formats without the express written permission of Ameritrain is prohibited.


Ameritrain takes every precaution to protect your information. Our website is authenticated through Verisign for the security of our customers. When a student submits sensitive information via the website, the information is protected both online and offline. Sensitive account numbers and other non-public information are not retained and will require resubmission for each transaction. Our secure server environment protects the integrity of your information, and we retain sensitive information in a secure environment. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (i.e., accounting and customer relations) are granted access to personal information. All information is password-protected to avoid unauthorized access.

Privacy Policy

Respecting and protecting the privacy of participants is vital to our business. By explaining our privacy policy, we trust that students will better understand how we keep our participant information private and secure. Keeping participant information secure is a priority, and we are disclosing our policies to help educate our customers on how we handle their personal information.

The Privacy Policy explains the following:

Protecting the confidentiality of participant information

Who is covered by the privacy policy

How we gather information

Opting Out


Protecting the Confidentiality of Participant Information
We take our responsibility to protect our clients' privacy and confidentiality very seriously. From time to time, we enter into agreements with other companies to provide services to us or make products and services available. Under these agreements, companies may receive information about our clients. They agree to safeguard this information and not use it for other purposes.

Who is Covered by the Privacy Policy
We provide our privacy policy to participants when they conduct business with our company. If we change our privacy policies to permit us to share additional information we have about you, as described below, or to permit disclosure to additional parties, you will be notified in advance. This privacy policy applies to current and former participants.

How we Gather Information
We obtain information about you via our website or in person as part of providing mortgage training.

Information We Share
We do not share your information with any company whose products and services are being marketed unless you authorize us to do so. These companies are not allowed to use this information for purposes beyond specific authorization. We also may share information about you within our corporate family.