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Continuing Education Course Formats: Online vs Webinar

Online Courses


Online courses are designed to be taken online and in a self-study format. That means that no one is monitoring you while taking the course, you can complete as much or as little at a time, and

Ameritrain 5 May , 2022 Ameritrain

3 Simple Tips for Boosting Your Borrower’s FICO Score Before Applying for a Mortgage

It may not seem significant to your clients, but this can have a marked impact on an application’s outcome.

Put More On Credit

It is essential for your clients to put purchases on their credit cards that they can afford

Ameritrain 5 May , 2022 Ameritrain

Not So Fast LOs: 3 Reasons Your Clients Should Not Pay Off Their Mortgage Early

As mortgage professionals know, the burden of debt, especially when it comes to the high price tag of a home, can be a significant worry to many of their clients. However, what most homeowners may not be aware of is

Ameritrain 1 Apr , 2022 Ameritrain

Adjustable-Rate Debt Is Getting Pricier, How To Prepare Your Clients For The Increases

On March 16th, the Federal Reserve raised its short-term benchmark rate by a quarter percentage point. So now is the time to pay off high-interest debt before it gets more expensive. That includes adjustable-rate debt, such as credit-card balances or auto loans.

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Mortgage Rate Increases Are Fast Approaching, Here’s What to Advise Your Clients

When it comes to real estate, there will always be upswings in the market that will impact homeowners’ mortgage payments and overall financial health.

But in 2022, that is an understatement.

Mortgage rates have quickly risen to the highest levels