Nov 1997

Journey Begins

Our founders began providing mortgage education and support services to displaced residents as a result of the Atlanta, Georgia expansion of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 1000 residents benefited as they transitioned from renters to owners.

Mar 1999

Community Mortgage Education

Partnered with members of the non-profit mortgage education community to provide a process to transition renters to responsible buyers who were fully prepared for homeownership.

Jan 2002

Mortgage Institution Founded

We focused on training and compliance activities and best practices primarily targeted to new entrants in mortgage loan origination and mortgage loan processing. Our school was founded on a real-world career preparation formula coupled with affordable alternatives for students.

Dec 2007

Mortgage Education Enhancements

We extended our education offerings to include state required pre-license and continuing education courses. The subprime mortgage crisis and new fair lending laws began moving the residential mortgage industry to require a more educated mortgage professional.

Jul 2008

SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) was signed into law. It was designed to enhance consumer protections by setting minimum standards for licensing and registration of state licensed mortgage loan originators. Education and testing standards were mandated and Ameritrain was among the first mortgage education providers in the nation to be certified.

Oct 2009

TDR Introduced

Ameritrain introduced our Training, Development and Resource (TDR) methodology to assist students with national and state-specific exam preparation. This learning strategy enables Ameritrain to customize course content to meet individual learning styles within a defined structure allowing for more effective direction of instructional methods focused on key topics, testing techniques and exam strategies.

Jan 2010

1st Generation LMS Launched

Launched Ameritrain’s first generation Learning Management System (LMS) platform as a means of facilitating online instructor-led classes and interactive webinar training consistent with our nationally acclaimed live class training.




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