A Few Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Ameritrain been in business?

Ameritrain was established in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing quality, affordable mortgage education.

Ameritrain was established in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing quality, affordable mortgage education.

We offer live, online, and webinar courses, primarily to the mortgage industry.

Ameritrain offers NMLS-approved live, online, and webinar courses for pre-license education and continuing education. Professional development courses are also offered to enhance the development of mortgage industry professionals.


Ameritrain offers a wide range of resources to support advanced learning and personal edification of our students and clients. We offer stand-alone tests that simulate the NMLS test format; eBooks with a high level of interactivity; specific state exam prep courses and materials; cram courses that consolidates a comprehensive course content; and summary guides for more complex subjects.


Select resources on the Ameritrain.com website and view a demo of our course. We are the only course provider that provides a comprehensive detailed demo of our course.

Our quizzes and tests simulate the NMLS testing format where one question is available at a time. Correct answers have attached comments to help reinforce your learning. Once a test is completed and passed, it is instantly graded based on the NMLS 5 testing categories. Test results are displayed to help student gauge their performance in each testing area. If a student fails a test, it is immediately available for a retake.


Quizzes are available for viewing after passing; however, tests are not available once you receive a passing score. Each test is available for printing, studying, and reviewing.


After successfully completing a course, you can return to your account dashboard to view and/or print your completion certificate.

Our student advisors and instructors are available to provide support with any questions you may have. Contact your instructor directly for online instructor led courses. For all other course related or general questions, email support@ameritrain.com or call (877) 406-0333 for assistance.

Unfortunately, a test or quiz is saved only when it has been completed. If a test is timed out for inactivity or there is a connection failure, then you will need to retake the test from the beginning.


Please send an email to accounts@ameritrain.com to request your refund. All refund requests must be made in writing. Please review our refund policy under our terms of service.


Yes. You will need to pass a final exam before completing an online NMLS course. If you fail the exam, then you will have an opportunity to retake it as many times as needed to achieve a passing score. If you need assistance, please contact us for support.


A "not available" status means that the course date is in the future. On the date and time the course becomes available the status will change to start and is available for access.
Ameritrain uses your email address as your username. Your password should be something that you can remember.


Your username is your email address. If you are unable to remember your email address you may contact our Ameritrain support line at (877) 406-0333 and one of our client services advisers will assist you. If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgot password' link and your password will be sent to the email on record.


An email notification is sent automatically once you have completed your purchase. The notification may have gone to your email spam folder. Please review your spam folder. If the notification is not there, then contact us at support@ameritrain.com or call (877) 406-0333 for further assistance.


Ameritrain technology works on all computer formats. We recommend Google Chrome as the preferred browser. Google is the best browser for online platforms. We do not support most versions of Safari and recommend downloading Google Chrome to improve your user experience on an iPad.
The course has most likely timed out. NMLS requires education providers to conform to mandatory time out requirements after a period of inactivity. Another reason could be a lost internet connection. You will need to re-enter the course to continue.
The course has most likely timed out. NMLS requires education providers to conform to mandatory time-out requirements after a period of inactivity.


Expired means the course is no longer available. Contact support at 877-406-0333.
Expired means the course is no longer available. Contact support at 877-406-0333.


All items are considered products which include, courses, tests, eBooks, and store items.
NMLS requires very specific functionality for instructor-led online courses. This is not a Webinar. The course is-on demand and is available 24/7. It is managed and supported by a live NMLS approved instructor. Students can log in and out whenever they choose. These courses require a specified start and end date. The student must participate in a virtual community and meet the time verification and authentication requirements. Students must enter the course within the first three days that the course becomes available or must wait until the next available date. NMLS does not allow a self-paced format for pre-license 20-hour courses. All online 20-hour pre-license course formats must be managed by an instructor.


If a student fails to complete the course during the allotted time there will be a complimentary reschedule to the next available class of the student's choice. If the student fails to complete the course on the second registration, there will be a 50 percent tuition charged for the third attempt. The fourth attempt will require a full tuition charge.


All course enrollments require prepayment. Payments may be made online or through the assistance of Ameritrain Enrollment Advisors.


We do not share your information with any company whose products and services are being marketed unless you authorize us to do so. These companies are not allowed to use this information for purposes beyond specific authorization. We also may share information about you within our corporate family.


Students who complete the 20 HR Online SAFE Comprehensive course may audit a LIVE 20 HR SAFE Comprehensive course within 60 days of completion for a charge of $150.00. Please call Ameritrain at 1-877-406-0333 to register to audit a live course in your area.



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