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What People are Saying...
"Great Instructor!!"
"I passed the test today. Got an 82. This is the first exam I have taken in 29 years since college. I certainly respected, appreciated, and liked the way the course was instructed"
Scott R
"Passed Yesterday, 91%! Good job and thank you!"
Brian N
"Excellent instructor!! She used various teaching methods to meet EVERYONE's Needs"
"I took an Ameritrain class on July 9 and 10 took my federal test yesterday. I PASSED. Overall score 88. The laws were the hardest for me. The material covered in class was very helpful. The instructor was great, and there is no way I could have passed with"
Tricia C
"I wanted to take time to say thank you again for that cram session two weeks ago. Furthermore, I wanted to let you know I took my exam today and passed with an 85% ....hip hip hurray :) Thank you for all you do"
Shirley B
"The instructor was great, very knowledgeable and entertaining."
"I have seen many trainers in my time, but our trainer was top notch. He knew the material in and out, including exact page numbers without even looking them up to be sure. This guy is one of the best and why I passed my NMLS test!"
"One of the most informed instructors I have had. The course was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone."
"I have taken many training courses and this was one of the best instructors I have ever had"
Hope M
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