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National Training Facility

400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 125,
Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone: 877-406-0333
Hours: M-F 9am – 6pm

General Overview

The Ameritrain facility is located in the modern Terraces building at the intersection of Ashford Dunwoody Road and Perimeter Center in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta.
This location has easy access to GA 400 and I-285 and includes complimentary shuttles from the nearby Dunwoody MARTA station.

Ameritrain Mortgage Institute

400 Perimeter Center Terrace #125, Atlanta, GA, USA

4.6 94 reviews

Sandy Seals

II enjoyed the 20 hour class with Herman and the material I received in print and on-line was so helpful. I passed the test first time around with the school and this is with having no prior knowledge of the industry terms. They had patience and assisted with all questions and gave me time to prepare - I would recommend Ameritrain to anyone walking into the industry. Thanks for your help.

Samantha Allen

I took the 20 hour pre licensing course in the classroom with Mrs. Carol in Atlanta last week and hands down one of the best training experiences I’ve had! She was friendly and vibrant and made the material easy to understand. She is truly passionate about teaching and helping others succeed. She made efforts to make sure everyone was engaged and understanding and to learn each of our names. I took my SAFE exam a week after the course and passed with a 90! (THANK YOU MRS. CAROL AND AMERITRAIN). Highly recommend using this institution for all your training needs!

Suzanne Rasmusson


quincy sheton

Just got my MLO certificate from this company and they were a pleasure to work with. The process was smooth, the instructors were prompt with their responses to my inquiries, and the classes were more than helpful. I am going to work with them again when it's time for my continuing education courses--Aaron Bailey.

Patricia DeVane

Ameritrain study program has easy to follow instructions, well organized lesson plan, great online instructors, and outstanding customer service. I recommend using their service to achieve your mortgage learning goals.

Brian Ponder

This MLO course is top-notch and comprehensive! I highly recommend it.

Ashley Le-Master

I had Carol and Herman as my instructors for the 2 day class to prepare for my MLO. I took my test 3 days after the class and passed with an 86% on my first try. They were amazing and very helpful. They had ways of getting the information to stick in your mind while going through the book.

Mike Brennan

I used kaplan for the Realtor test, and now I've used Ameritrain for mortgage test. Being able to compare the two - Ameritrain is so much better due to instructors like Carol. It's also a lot cheaper, and the help you get from them is quite surprising - Carol was always available and would return communication within minutes (even on weekends).
I had a problem with the Kaplan program glitching, and I had a glitch problem with Ameritrain program too...
However, Carol took ownership over the issue and handled everything to my satisfaction. Kaplan didn't help at all, they charged a fortune, and the material taught didn't seem to match AT ALL what was on the Realtor test.
In contrast, I just took the NMLS test and passed with flying colors. The schooling was very thorough, prepared me extremely well for the licensing test, but what I liked most about Ameritrain over Kaplan was their summary pages that you could print out - they were perfect cheat sheets to look over in the parking lot and cram just before the actual test - seemed like the cheat sheets were taken right off of the official test :) Like I said - they prepared me very well. I mean really - it was as though they took real questions right from the test! Kaplan, on the other hand, didn't prepare me AT ALL - I felt lost on the Realtor exam.
Important note: if you're deciding on in-class vs. online - both kaplan and Ameritrain purposely make you wait a required amount of time before you can click "next" on the PowerPoint-like slides. I think that's built in as a licensing requirement; otherwise, I'm sure there would be a market for people to cheat and hire someone to take the class for you. But with the wait, it's not worth it for the cheating test taker to have to wait for so long.
Anyway, i would suggest taking the online class, because it perfectly prepared me, and I think it's much quicker than the in-class program, and you can log in any time (even after midnight), and you don't have to drive anywhere, and it works.
Good luck on the test! Choose Ameritrain if you want to pass, if you want inexpensive prices, and of course - because you'll get teachers that really care about you and your success and will work hard and diligently to make sure you're happy.
Thank you Carol!

Matt Godfrey

Ameritrain is very attentive to their customers. I worked with Sales and Customer Service and each individual helped me make sure I got the most out of my experience with the company. Melanie really is great to work with if you have any troubles with the online courses. She is quick to respond.

Uni The unicorns

This is a great and informative class. A friend referred me to this school and they were right this was a great class and I learned a lot especially having no experience in the industry.


Thank you, Melanie and Herman! This was a great course and I passed the test! Herman went above and beyond to make sure I was ready - even took a call from me on a Sunday and spent an hour with me reviewing my pre-test. I’ll be back for continuing education!


Really good materials. I really recommend.

Heather DeCew

the CE was not worth the money, even though it is cheap. The website is full of glitches which make you redo the same sections over and over. Many of the test questions make no sense, the same instructions are repeated over and over. most of the training is a computer voice reading the text on screne while the same instructions are repeated every few pages. It will get the job done eventually but it will take about 2 times as much time to navigate through this messy, and unprofessional junk pile. if you are really short on cash and have nothing but time it might be worth doing your CE through them.

Conor Malloy

Cousin Carol was the best! I learned a lot and had a good time doing so. Will definitely do this class again next year

Stephen Patti

Herman was an engaging and effective instructor. He helped me to pass the test on the first try. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to take the NMLS SAFE Test.

Nathaniel Ellis

Cousin Carol is fantastic! The CE class was interactive and informative! I am a State Farm agent and this is my second year using them for my mortgage CE. I will be back next year!


Decided to go back to brokering and Ameritran was recommended as the school to use, l must say it was a good recommendation. Finishing up my class today and looking forward to taking my exam.

Jerry Sims

great people to work with....after going back and forth with NMLS on my CE they took the time out of their busy schedule to clear things up. they could have made me do my CE over and make more money but instead went to bat for me...what a crew. thanks again

Steven Earley

I had a last minute class to complete today. Your team helped me get that finished and posted/ cleared with NMLS before deadline. Thx

Monica Mudie

Our instructor, Carol was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was very informative


I love the folks at Ameritrain! Whether Herman or Carol is facilitating the classes are always very informative and stimulating.

Gus Anchondo

Cousin Carol was fantastic. She really brought a lot of energy into the topics and made the day go by fast

Aurielle Lee

Amazing class! “Cousin Carol” was extremely informative and made the class enjoyable for 8 hours.

Debbie Tjahjono

I would say that for the price, this presentation and testing system for mortgage professionals' continuing education is great!

John Barbee

Experience was so good that all LO's in company are now doing their CE with Ameritrain!

Patrick Krawietz

I took the 10-day NMLS course and found the content good to follow. I had previous knowledge of the mortgage industry but needed to complete the required course work before I could take my NMLS exam. After comparing AMI to other industry standards, I found that AMI offered the greatest value. At the start of my course, I encountered a timing issue and needed to extend my course a few days. My instructors did not have any issues with being able to extend out my course deadline. I am very thankful for that. Three weeks after completing the Ameritrain SAFE NMLS course, I was able to pass my NMLS exam with an 86% (first time test taker). Thank you Carlo and Marie for being great on-line instructors!

TERRI Madden

I made an 85 on the exam, first try! Their process works! Glitchy systems. Had to restart some of the modules. I took it as an opportunity to review. Customer services was slow to respond., Love that I can refer back to the materials if need be. Awesome resource.

Rocky Chinen

Love the courses with instructor Raelene in Hawaii. Grueling 8 hours but with her wit and added humorous mortgage related trivia...Just makes the learning process easier to tolerate. She also is connected with Hawaii Council of Community Associations and has given us updates on Condo issues so that we can help our Condo borrowers or at least understand what Condo's are doing or facing. Her information regarding the new Fire codes in Condo's (Marco Polo) helped me to understand how this will impact HOA fees so that I could explain it to my borrowers and since I live in a Condo too, it was most informative.
Additionally, she makes sure that our course credits are uploaded to NMLS. She is not like the other education providers!
Would always use Raelene as our course provider choice.

Vincent Terry

This is a great school. Melanie and Carol are the better

Jason Long

Cousin Carol was great! I look forward to next year CE classes!

Deric Garcia

Great class, Carol is amazing. Class is fun and interactive.

Jesse Miles

I make it a point to attend Ameritrain Mortgage Institute CE class every year, Carol and Herman are great teachers! The whole staff !

Gilbert Soltermack

Great course! Great price!

Joel Charles

if you don't use Ameritrain to earn your CE for mortgage, you are probably wasting money

Kathleen Zimniak

Carol is awesome! Very informative.

Cody Witte

Not bad, actually an improvement from a few years ago when I used Ameritrain for CE. The built in wait periods are lame but I'm sure required.

Lori Kellett

very easy process and able to go quickly throughout the C.E courses. !

Joseph R Landreau

Great class, learning environment and fun participation.

Eloy Leal

Melanie was especially hopefully and gave me great guidance.

Michelle Ruper

Carol is very knowledgeable and cutting edge with information

Paul Saar


Edward Barrios

very easy to follow and complete


One of the best in Mortgage industry.

Ron Cahalan

easy process to go through and well thought out!

Kenny Olorunisola

The best of them all...

linds S

Not what is advertised. Online CE's are not available upon completion of purchase. They don't disclose it until after you pay. It directs you to another website and then you are required to register at a new website. Then you have to wait for someone who knows where to manually add the class to your dashboard. If they don't you have to call them to get it added. This can take hours... What a joke. I have already requested my refund.

Lynn Hutchison

Awesome job Carol

Joseph Pham

Excellent course

Bill Gross

Glitchy system, you end up listening the exact same instruction numerous times, modules get stuck and I had to retake the same nonsense 3-4 times, and customer service is non-existent. I would avoid

A Castro

Ameritrain was flexible, affordable and the instructors and staff responsive and helpful throughout and even after my SAFE and TX SML courses. I made an 82 on my first try for my MLO exam and could not be happier! Thank you!
Response from the owner2 years ago
Thank you so much for the kind words, and congratulations on passing your test! We look forward to working with you in the future.
All the best!

Toby Lynn

I teetered between two and three stars.
Leaves a lot to be desired for me. To begin I've carved out today to complete my CE and module 8 has stopped working so I can't move forward. they promise someone will call you within 60 minutes and so far I've put in two calls and one emailed help ticket within the last 95 minutes with no response. So I'm wasting my day sitting by my computer, can't move forward, just waiting.
In addition there seems to be several items that aren't great. To name two; it's a US related class but the narration is being done via a computerized voice with an English/ Australian accent. There is no pause button as you are going through the modules. The first two modules had one but nothing after that. If you need to pause, you can't, you have to let it run out and then go back to the beginning.
Response from the owner2 years ago
As always, we appreciate any input our current or previous customers provide, as feedback only enables us to make improvements to our products and services. For many of our customers English is a second language and they find the audio narration to be helpful. If anyone finds the audio objectionable, we provide a copy of the slides with the script to read along with instructions to disable the audio. Our customer care representatives did recall speaking with you several times and offered regular support. While we aim to please every customer, we recognize that even with our best efforts sometimes we may fall short of this goal. You will be happy to know that the pause button functionality was has been restored for this year's courses. We hope we will have a chance to change your perception should you decide you would like to take another course with us. If not, we wish you luck in the future with your CE needs.
Best Regards,

Sheria Newkirk

Horrible online course. It was supposed to be instructor led but the instructor didn't post the materials for over an hour after the start time and my day was wasted.

Gabriel Haney

I have been trying to reach someone for the past 3 days!! platform is horrible and customer service is non existent?

Chris Dorris

Herman is a great teacher wth Ameritrain
Response from the owner2 years ago
Thanks, Chris. We think he is pretty great, too. Thank you so much for your feedback. We hope to see you next year for your continuing education courses. :)

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