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Cram Course Exam Preparation - Live Instructor Webinar

Exam Preparation CRAM Course

Monthly Live Instructor Webinar


The Cram Course Exam Prep class is an absolute must for anyone who is preparing to take the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry Exam. No matter what prelicensing preparation you already have completed, the Ameritrain MLO Cram Course will strengthen your content knowledge and will help you develop solid test-taking skills.

This exam preparation and review course has been specifically designed to be an extensive review of the prelicense requirements covering all aspects of the course and set you up for success on your test. 

Benefits of our courses:

  • Live instructor with more than 10,000 hours of live training 
  • Virtual classroom setting without leaving the house, access from anywhere
  • Get instant feedback, real-time communication
  • Ask an unlimited number of questions
  • Safe and convenient
  • Limited number of attendees 
How the Course Works

This is a live instructor session conducted through the Zoom Meeting platform, you don't have to have a Zoom account to participate in this class. Classes are scheduled every last Friday of each month; they start at 9:00 AM EST and end at 5:00 PM EST.

Note: This course is a review only, and is not for NMlS credit. 


Cram Course Exam Preparation - Live Instructor Webinar
Delivery Method: Live Webinar
Price: $199.00
ID: AMI-983
Duration: 8 hours
License ID: No NMLS Credit
Education: Pre-License
Type: Exam Preparation
State(s):  All 50 States
Hours Satisfies: 8 hours

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Best Seller

Our 800 electronic flashcards are comprised of 2 series of study decks divided by category. Included are words, terms and questions designed to enhance your knowledge of the residential mortgage industry. An excellent way to reinforce learning.

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This is a set of multiple practice exams consisting of 125 questions that are modeled after the NMLS National Exam with UST format. The exam results will show your percentage levels in the five major areas tested in the actual National exam. A great resource for exam preparation.

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Returning Students

This package includes our brand-new electronic flash cards and multiple practice exams consisting of 125 questions that are modeled after the NMLS National Exam with UST format. A valuable comprehensive vehicle to prepare for the national exam.

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This 400-page workbook “Origination Essentials and Exam Preparation” is the NMLS approved textbook utilized in the nationally acclaimed Ameritrain 20-hr SAFE Comprehensive live class. It has assisted thousands of students prepare for the national exam.

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Take our Live 20-Hour SAFE Pre-License course with a live instructor. This classroom course held at our training facility in Atlanta, GA and covers everything you will need to pass the national exam and get your MLO license

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20-Hour self-study MLO course that is interactive, comprehensive, and 100% online. This is course is identical with the online SAFE (credited) 20-Hour Pre-License course.

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One-on-one tutoring and guidance from our expert instructors that will give you the personalized attention you are looking for.

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This live Mortgage Loan Originator cram course is an absolute must for anyone who is preparing to take and pass the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) pre-licensing exam.

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